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All of our courses are inspired by the natural environment, with Weekend Bushcraft courses being our specialty. We cater for adults and children, young and old alike. We also cater for Scout/Guide groups, Birthday parties and School tours.

We can also come to you!

We heat our food and water by first building our own fires!
Day Long Courses


Try your hand at basic traditional bushcraft skills from lighting fires without matches, to building storm shelters from nature and from the environment around you.


Learn how to cook naturally outdoors, using ancient cooking techniques.


While in the woods take a walk to discover edible plants and track wild animals. 


We show you how to build a variety of shelter types to suit groups needs, a necessary survival skill in the wilderness.
24 hour Course


Does what it says in the title! We run a full 24 hour course from time of arrival to departure. 


This course appeals to many people as it incorporates an overnight stay in shelters that you build yourself, with the daylong bushcraft course content. 


These courses typically start on a Friday evening from 6pm to Saturday 6pm. 

We demonstrate many fire lighting techniques in our Buscraft courses.
Bread Twists are an easy, fun and delicious way to eat that the whole groups will enjoy!
Weekend Course


Why not try one of our Advanced Weekend Courses, typically running from 10am Saturday to 5pm Sunday, inclusive of an overnight stay in shelters that you build that day. 


This course offers the full Bushcraft experience, with more activities and in greater detail than day long courses. 



3 Day Summer Camp


Summer camps offer a great chance for children to make new friends and discover some hidden talents of their own, while part-taking in valuable Bushcraft activities.



In our outdoor classroom we teach the necessary Bushcraft and survival skills, to groups of all ages.
5 Day Summer Camp


Our longer summer camp offers a week long Bushcraft experience, for children aged 8-14 years, to learn the true essence of woodsmanship. 


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