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One of our many bread making techniques in the wilderness, Bread Twists are fun to make and delicious!


5 Day Camps


€120 per child


Book Today 086-2468066


Arrive Monday 9:45am at Cregg Castle

Introduction to Bushcraft

We will discuss the key elements of Bushcraft and explain what the group of students can achieve living in the wild.

Fire Workshop
The students will learn about the basic principles of fire and the fire triangle, and be shown some of the ways we can make fire. They will then collect firewood in groups and use flint and steel to light their fires to cook their lunch on. 


Cooked over open fire by the students.

Archery & Throwing arrows

The group will learn the history of ancient hunting techniques. They will then be taught various techniques and how to handle equipment safely and responsibly before competing in a mini-tournament.

Football/ Rounders/ Field sports

Depart 4:30pm

~Day Two~ Tuesday start 10am

Wilderness First Aid

Bread Kitchen
The students will prepare & bake their own Bannock bread on our outdoor fires for a fun, delicious lunch.


Students will help cook their lunch on the open fire.

Shelter Workshop
The group will learn why we need shelter when we are living outside, and the types of shelter used by people from different societies, nationalities and places across the ages. Students will then build their own shelter, using natural materials from around the woodland.

Wide Games


Depart 4:30pm


~Day Three~ Wednesday start 10am

Bushcraft Tournament
A series of fun but challenging initiative exercises and games which demand team work and communication from the group.

Scenario SOS

Late Lunch/ Bushcraft BBQ

Prize giving

Leave no trace
Students will learn how to strike camp effectively, ensuring that all signs of their presence in the woodland are removed.


Depart 4pm


Thursday 10am start


Wilderness Cookery Workshop (Traps)

We will discuss the importance of food in the survival chain, and how to successfully find food without wasting excess energy. They will then demonstrate the many different traps that can be used in the wild, before the students themselves use this knowledge to design and build their own traps from natural materials and explore different cooking techniques.


Pioneering and Catapults




Team Bowdrill (Fire by Friction)


Cam & Con Games

Using natural camouflage techniques to conceal yourself from prey, and track animals. 


Depart 4:30pm


Friday 10am start


Water Purification

We will discuss how to find water in the wilderness, and make it safe for consumption, using natural methods. 

Spoon Whittling / Carving 

Under safe conditions children will use safety knives to whittle and carve wooden objects.


Tree Identification and Bushcraft Scavenger Hunt

Learn about our native trees and their uses. 

Depart 4:30pm

    Course Rate

   €120 per child ( Food Inclusive)

Book with us today by downloading our form here:

Please fill out and return to us by post/email accompanied by deposit to secure your place.

Summer Camp Booking Form 2017
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