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Salmon Pannassing is a favored method of cooking fish, as it is fast, effective, and delicious!

Day Long Courses

Arrive 10am at Cregg Castle

Survival Lecture

The group will be given an introduction to Bushcraft Survival, covering the four key elements: fire, water, food and shelter. This will equip them with a fundamental understanding of what it means to live in the wild

Fire Workshop


This workshop gives students key fire-lighting skills, both ancient and modern, and they will witness the more exciting methods of fire-lighting such as chemical and friction fire. They will then use these skills to light their fires and cook lunch in their groups.


Cutting Tools Workshop

In this lecture the group will be shown the essential tools used in Bushcraft, and their many functions. The students will also learn safe handling techniques and the importance of behaving responsibly when using these tools.




Shelter Building Workshop

Learn to build a shelter using natural materials found in the woods. 



Wilderness Cookery Workshop

We will discuss the importance of food in the survival chain, and how to successfully find food without wasting excess energy. They will then demonstrate the many different traps that can be used in the wild, before the students themselves use this knowledge to design and build their own traps from natural materials and explore different cooking techniques.

Leave No Trace


The group will learn the importance of leaving their environment as they found it, and understand the impacts human activity can have on the natural landscape. They will strike camp leaving the site in a natural state.

Depart 4.00pm



Course Rate

€65 per person (Cooked Lunch Inclusive)

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